diverse expertise

our value proposition

The key objective of our change management process is to facilitate accelerated delivery of targeted performance benefits with the least possible disruption to the organisation.

We focus on the following key areas:



from the key leadership team, business functional leads, expert users and process owners


build commitment

towards motivating, communicating to, and acceptance of the new ways of working for the end users

work with the functional teams

to overcome any resistance to the acceptance of a “different” way of working

effective and appropriate collaboration

with the Project team to ensure timely and relevant information is communicated and the stakeholders’ expectations are managed throughout the project

specialists in change management initiatives

Change Logic specialises in a variety of Change Management initiatives and has worked extensively across industries implementing change strategies to support business advancement.

“It doesn’t matter how strong your opinions are. If you don’t use your power for positive change, you are indeed part of the problem.”


strategic transformation programmes

Identifying long term aims and interests during the transformation journey and assisting in defining the means of how to achieve these marked changes.


executive alignment

Ensuring that all decision makers are aligned to the vision, purpose, and goals of the proposed change.

mergers and acquisitions

Assisting in creating a detailed plan, focusing on the transaction in which the ownership of companies, other business organisation or their operating units are transferred or consolidated with other entities. Change being inclusive of revised structures, reporting lines, cultural alignment, and operating model changes.

operating model changes & restructuring

Assisting in significant change in structure, governance, or tools of an organisation to aid in savings from reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and/or restructuring of teams for better alignment.

O365 implementations & remote working

Driving change with evolving technologies and aiding in training these new ways of working.

lean and agile transformation journeys

Preparing, supporting, and helping individuals and teams make the required transformational change.

treasury system implementations

Empowering treasurers with comprehensive change management on funding, trading, and risk control functionality.

oracle system implementations

Managing the people side of change on a cloud-based software solution used to automate back-office processes and day-to-day business activities.

digital transformation & business intelligence

Driving change management through technology and business intelligence ensuring acceptance and adoption.

legislative & regulatory compliance programmes

Practical approaches to upskill and implement the regulatory projects ensuring the required knowledge and skill.


change culture

Understanding the culture and ensuring alignment to the company strategy. Supporting activities and tools are used to develop and maximise the culture.

change management capability

Development of a change management capability in the organisation to support strategic and operational changes.